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BA International Development Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Development Studies (IDS) is an interdisciplinary program that offers a critical understanding of international development issues through exposure to a variety of fundamental development challenges in the developing world. It is a rewarding undergraduate degree with promising career opportunities in the broad area of International Development. The IDS program is challenging and intended for students who care about issues of development in the developing world in areas such as poverty and inequality, institutional challenges, peace and security, social justice, public health, gender and youth, education, environment, governance and politics, institutional development, etc. A team of development experts in various development areas help run this program. The students in the IDS programs are those who are personally motivated to take initiatives and the drive to contribute in solving societal problems through teamwork, and have a high degree of responsibility.

The objective of the program is to:

  • Provide an understanding of the development challenges and opportunities available in the developing world, and how states in the global south especially Africa can harness their potentials to develop amidst the complexities of globalization.
  • Provide students with the understanding of development theories
  • Provide students with inter-connected range of issues and approaches within the field of critical development studies.
  • Promote the development of strong analytical, writing, and professional skills
  • Promote the development of a vibrant intellectual community - that includes students, faculty, development agencies- involve in sustainable ways to address underdevelopment in the global south.

The program also offers students the opportunity to be placed with development agencies as part of the requirement for graduating. Students will also provide an independent Study (IS) project work.