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Student Life

Living and learning are closely intertwined at PentVars. Extra-curricular programmes, performances, forums and athletics beckon students, faculty and staff, as well as neighbours from the communities around us. There's a niche for everyone — and a dozen places to find yourself on this vibrant campus.


The accommodation available at PentVars is one of the great advantages of schooling here. PentVars is home to many students. We appreciate how important it is to find housing. There is a chance to live in one of 3 campus residence halls (which are a few metres away from lecture halls and other campus facilities) or in a hostel or apartment around campus. The campus environs offer a variety of choices when it comes to finding a place to settle.

University Residence Halls

There are three halls of residence on campus, namely:

  • Yeboah Hall
  • Safo Hall
  • Arnan Hall

An important part of the college experience is housing. For students living on campus, you have the convenience of having classes, the library, Wi-Fi and university facilities in your own backyard.  However there's more to residence hall living than convenience and common interests.

The University’s campus residence halls offer positive living and learning experiences, including an atmosphere that support learning opportunities outside the classroom. Through these learning environments, the university promotes community development, interpersonal and intrapersonal competence, relational development, critical thinking and social skills.

Off-campus Housing

Finding housing in a new vicinity can be quite an adventure. Whether you want a hostel/apartment close to the University for an easy commute, or out a little farther, our Estates and Development Office has resources that can help you find a place to call home.
The Office has prepared information regarding off-campus housing offered by individuals affiliated with the university.


There is a two-hundred seater Cafeteria on campus which provides an array of hot, sumptuous, meals at affordable prices. There are also eaterys and eating spots close to the campus.


Buses (trotro) and taxis are available from Lapaz and Kwashieman to campus, making the commute easy.